Searching for some help with international bed sizes?

One of the first things you need to decide on when looking at bed linen will be understand what size you need. This will also depend which country you are in and which region your bed and mattress was made for.

At Sheets on the Line we make our bed linen for the Australian bed market and use the standardised measurements and specifications to suit. Below is a table showing the industry accepted Australian bed sizes.

If you are overseas or your mattress was made overseas, you may have issues with matching perfectly fitting bed linen in Australia. European, New Zealand and US sizing does share some common sizes but may go by a completely different bed size name.

Keep in mind that exact sizing may not be an issue when talking about quilt covers, quilts, pillows and blankets as they can be a little oversized and still perform perfectly. The main issue is when choosing a fitted bed sheet or bed sheet set.

At Sheets on the Line we manufacture all our sheets to a generous size but if fitting to an odd size, it may cause the corner to be ill fitting or may cause too much pressure if fitted to an oversized mattress. If in doubt, look to going a size up and simply letting the elasticised hem take up the slack as best as possible. Sheets on the Line’s Flat sheets are usually more than generous and should not cause any concern.



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