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A few simple steps on how to style cushions and pillows like a pro.

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styling your cushions and pillows

Do you struggle to get that designer look with your cushions and pillows?

Never fear, you are not alone in understanding the dark art of the perfect pillow placement. With help from our very own in-house stylist Deb Clifford-Ames, we will help you to style like a pro.

Choose your colour

Choose your dominant colour pallet to either go tonal or contrast. If choosing tonal, select various depths of colour across textures and patterns. If contrasting, go with a selection of similar fabrics. A blanket, throw or quilt cover, is a really good starting item to pull your colours for your cushions from. Throw all of your pillows directly on the chosen piece and pick and choose the ones that seem to flow. But remember, pillows don’t necessarily have to match as long as the patterns and colours are similar enough so they can play off of one another and look cohesive.

How many do I use?

If grouping tonal colours, select an odd amount of patterns and an even amount of textures.

Make sure to vary the scale of patterns and pillow sizes, include both big and small and different shapes. Having an assortment of pillow sizes and shapes helps to create a more balanced and interesting look. Mixing of textures will add a tactile interest as well.

Maintaining a balanced look

Strive to balance out the different patterns and scales instead of grouping together the like. When placing pillows on a surface, arrange them big to small from the outside in. This creates a type of pyramid shape and is the easiest way to give it a balanced look.  

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