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We spend a long time in bed

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How to care for your bed llinen

Ok so we all should love our time in bed, as it’s a fact that we spend roughly 2,500 hours per year or that equates to about 100 full days per annum!

So how can we best take care or our bed and linens to ensure that those hours and days spent in bed are indeed both comfortable and healthy.

Good quality bed linen is also an investment in comfort and it’s important to take care of them so they last longer and ensures you have only the sweetest of dreams.

  • Make sure that you follow the washing and care instructions that we put on each of our lovely bed linen.
  • Wash your sheets weekly.
  • Have a couple of sets of sheets to alternate per bed, giving you a fresh look weekly and ensuring your sheets last longer.
  • Optical brighteners are safe for use on whites, but we don’t recommend ever using them on coloured materials.
  • DO NOT use bleach! Bleach tends to be too harsh on cottons and natural fibres, and is damaging to the colour and texture of the bed linen’s fabric.
  • Make sure your bed linen is completely dry before storing in your linen closet to prevent any dampness and mildew.
  • Keep your linen closet cool and dry. A damp closet can result in mould on your lovely sheets, quilt covers or blankets!

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