A Guide On How To Keep Your Hand Loomed Bath Towels Lovely

Dot organic bath towels

Our beautiful ‘Dot bath towel range’ has been lovingly designed to the highest standards using only the very best organic cotton. Traditionally hand loomed by artisans in Turkey, with a lot of attention and care make these towels far from your average mass produced towel. They come in several sizes for different applications including Hand Towel, Face Cloth, Bath Mat and of course Bath Towel

So it makes sense to show these super absorbent and luxurious towels some extra loving!

Like all good quality organic towels, they will absorb best once they have been washed a few times and after initially soaking in cold water for 24 hours or more. This helps to activate those lovely organic cotton fibres and will help with absorbency and feel.

Ongoing, machine wash them on a gentle cycle using a natural, plant based detergent in 30 degrees or cooler and either line dry in the shade or low temperature tumble dry. Be sure to not use any bleach or fabric softeners and never dry any textiles in full sun.

Because the lovely pile of these towels are thick and luxurious they will naturally release some excess fibres for the first few uses. The towels are a double looped bobble construction that features some lovely hand knotted tassels. If you do find a cotton loop that has snagged, trim the loose threads with some sharp scissors, but do not pull on them.

Our lovely organic cotton fibres are naturally longer in length and stronger vs conventional cotton and is free from nasty pesticides and chemicals. We have specifically designed our gorgeous hand loomed towels to not only be the most luxurious, but you will get to enjoy the quality and comfort for many years to come.

For further tips on washing towels see our guide here.