a weekend away at Three Three

A free weekend on my calendar usually means a trip to the Sunshine Coast. And, now that we have officially “exited” Summer, I had to get a few more dips in the pool and early morning walks on the beach at my favourite beach bungalow, Three Three. This wooded retreat is by no means just a hot summer spot; it has become one of my home away from homes for all seasons because of its pure balance of beach, nature, pool, contemporary design… and beyond these, I have to give a nod to the fact that all of the beds are made with our gorgeous soft and crisp percale bed linen

If you are in need of some ME time, relaxation, and break from the city, here are 7 reasons why Three Three should be your next holiday!

The Beach 

It just doesn’t feel quite right to not put the beach as the number one spot on my list. Like most, what I look for when finding my next holiday spot is proximity to the main attraction! While I’m at Three Three, I make daily treks to the beach which is almost effortless as its less than a five-minute walk or an extremely short bike ride! (P.S the bikes they provide are unexpectedly so nice!) I try to start my days with an early morning walk, so I can come back and reward myself with a big breakfast--I’m talking bacon, eggs, and pancakes!  And if I’m oh so lucky, sometimes breakfast is already waiting for me by the time I wonder home. 


It's funny how accomplished you can feel while holidaying! After going on a long walk and eating a delicious breakfast, I usually feel entitled to some lazy pool time! I particularly enjoy the Three Three pool because--one its saltwater, so I can get as pruny as I want without worrying about my skin or hair, and it's completely secluded. Whether I want to play some music and have a few drinks or take a quiet snooze, I feel at ease surrounded by the trees, the birds, and the nature reserve. 

Bath time 

Unfortunately, I personally don’t have a bathtub at home, so oftentimes whether the place has a  luxurious bath or not is one of those make or break decisions. Luckily for me and you, Three Three has two!--one in the main bathroom and a glorious sunken, in-floor tub in the master bedroom. Forget bubbles and rubber duckies, look at this tub!

At home activities

Sometimes by mid-afternoon, I’m in the mood for a bit of friendly competition. And Three Three is chock-full of activities like ping-pong, darts, and an assortment of board games to curve my hunger for winning ( I talk a big game, but you should see the way I throw darts…)! 


This may only be an important factor for some of you, but for me, it's great because it means my Tibetan Terrier can come along! The more pragmatic pros to this mean you save money on kennel fees or you avoid stressing your relationship with your bestie/dog sitter. And if you are like me, you want it ALL which means puppy love + beach vacation! 

Shopping in Peregian Beach 

If you find yourself in need of retail therapy, the shops at Peregian beach require only 10 minutes in the car. I will link their website here, but I feel like many can vouch that this mix of shops is some of the nicest on the sunshine coast! Lovely people and lovely things! 

Beauty and space 

To be plain and simple, you don’t sacrifice space for beauty. The interiors and things that fill this home are so thoughtfully designed with a sense of functionality, beauty, and tender care that it feels genuine. Unlike many cookie-cutter, holiday homes, every decision made in the curation of this space is so intentional, you can’t help but feel at home. Whether in my own space or someone else's', being surrounded by beauty has always been a priority because it encourages self-reflection and gives me the headspace to create, to write, to cook, to discover new things which I find almost impossible without beauty. And being away from your work or your daily routine and responsibilities is one of the best opportunities for this kind of ME time! 

This is a small glimpse into what my weekend away at Three Three looks like, but if you want to see more head over to their Instagram for more beautiful images and a bit of holiday envy! 

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