Hot when sleeping? Try these different types of bed sheets.

If you live in Queensland, you’re probably finely attuned to the hot and humid weather that makes it too hot to sleep and leaves you turning over all night long. 

The Australian Sleep Health Foundation has found research says the ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep is 17 to 19 degrees celsius. So with that in mind…

Here are the best bed sheets for hot sleepers.

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Soft and light recycled cotton sheets will keep to cool at night.


Lightweight and breathable, cotton is your best friend when it comes to bed sheets that keep you cool at night. 

Try swapping out your current sheets with flat and fitted cotton ones to see the difference.

We love: the striped Melaleuca recycled cotton (see above), with accents of colour from the Crushed Cotton Australian botanicals range.


Cloudland pure linen bed sheets for warm sleepers

Pure linen

It’s the natural flax fibre and signature weave that give linen it’s favour in the bedroom.

The Sheets on the Line pioneering design features an even lighter, softer flat sheet and pillowcases for maximum comfort while you snooze. You can't get this memorable sleeping experience anywhere else! 

Soft layering blankets make the perfect summer bed addition.

Swap out your duvet

Instead, throw a soft laying blanket over your top sheet for the perfect finishing touch. These are light and airy, making them the perfect summer blanket.

Still having trouble sleeping?

Try these four habits to help your body slow down at night, and embrace the Zzz’s.

20% off storewide with code HELLO2022

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