Best end of summer films to watch this weekend!

Quarantine & Chill anyone?... like I even need another reason to stay in my SOTL sheets longer! In an effort to lighten the mood and make everyone’s time at home a bit more enjoyable, I walked around the shop to see what our team will be watching this weekend, and I have come to you with a well-rounded selection of light-hearted comedy, romance, drama, and thriller. (P.S. you don’t have to watch in this order haha). 

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Steve is coming at you with a comedy-drama set in New Zealand where a young boy and his foster dad become lost in the bush and find themselves targets of a manhunt. I have to say there is something for everyone in this film: coming of age, witty dialogue, beautiful scenery. Be ready to laugh while also finding genuine affection for the troubled teenager, Ricky. 

The Green Book 

Deb’s choice is the Academy Award-winning, “The Green Book,” starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Al. This semi-biographical flick takes you through a tour of the deep south, following African American pianist, Don Shirley, and his Italian bouncer/driver, Frank "Tony Lip" Vallelonga. Their journey trials of racism, friendship, composure, and the ethics of eating fried chicken. All of the best things in this film for those who enjoy storytelling and historical realism. 

House Bunny 

Substituting drama for a different kind of drama, Candice has brought you “House Bunny”-- the story of a former playboy bunny who attempts to transform the lesser, awkward sorority while learning that what is valued the most comes from the inside. This is definitely a feel-good movie that ends in victory!... and so early 2000s. 

The Shining

A classic and what some considered to be a cult film, “The Shining” is perhaps one of the best thriller/horror movies to be made! Lisa is bringing you the supernatural, murder, and Jack Nicholson with her favourite! 

You’ve Got Mail 

“You’ve Got Mail” is my favourite end of summer film as it sends us into the cooler seasons with a charming story of internet friends falling in love despite their unknowing rivalry… and of course New York City. The dialogue held between Tom Hanks’ character and his co-star Meg Ryan. If you want to end your night in comfort, this is a classic, cozy romantic comedy (and it may inspire you to hop on your email and check in on your loved ones with a nice internet letter!). 

I hope these film suggestions give you something to look forward to this week! Comment below what is getting you through this crazy time, and don’t forget to reach out if you need help. We are here, and we also have some beautiful things to bring you joy if you are looking for some comfort. 

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