Bringing Linen To The Bathroom

Bringing natural, organic fibres into your everyday life is one of the most effective ways to take care of this planet, as well as your body. At Sheets on the Line, we have designed a beautiful Natural Linen Loofah Range that treads lightly on this Earth and gently nurtures your body, without the nasty chemicals.

A soft natural exfoliant, the looped linen weave of the Natural Linen Loofah Range can be used wet or dry. Perfect for a gentle way to exfoliate and improve circulation, each of the natural linen items are quick to dry and are bordered with a black cotton binding.

The range includes a double handled Back Washer, a Hand Mit, a versatile Towel for all over the body, a larger padded oval Loofah with a keeper for your hand and a mini version for gentle face exfoliation.

Is the Natural Linen Loofah Range for me?

If you like a gentle exfoliant made with the finest natural linen. If you want to avoid the nasty chemicals used in non-organic loofahs. Our Natural Linen Loofah Range is naturally anti-bacterial, easy to care for and easy to use.

See our entire body care range here.

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