COVID has kicked our arse.

This recent wave of COVID has been brutal on small businesses that are reliant on foot traffic. Like us.

It’s been hard in unexpected ways. 

Not having lockdowns is great, but communities are still deciding how they feel about moving about in the world again. 

Taking their time.
As they should. 

But if we’re honest, it’s been hard. 

Having so many changes in what feels like such a short amount of time (wasn’t January 2020 just yesterday??) has definitely shaken things up here at Sheets on the Line. 

But we’re so incredibly grateful for all of the support you’ve shown us throughout this time. And we greatly appreciate every single order. 

So we’re lifting our spirits and throwing a 40% OFF party 🎉

That’s right – 

40% off all your favourites. 

40% off selected bed linen, beach towels, bags, table settings and more. 

40% off all the good things. 

We’d love for you to party with us. 

So here's to 40% off 🥂 Shop the party.

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