Dream A Little Dream Journal

Our handcrafted recycled cotton dream journals are treasures that will be cherished forever. The Liasse Collection by Lamali Paris is handmade by 4th generation Kagzi (manufacturers of paper) in a beautiful workshop in Jaipur, India. Made from old cut offs of white t-shirts and scraps of white cotton from the textiles industry, these journals are sustainable and eco-friendly.

In the workshop the artisan compresses the fibres, spreading them onto a sieve into sheets of paper. Each piece is created, one by one, in a steady fluid movement. The craftsman then folds the pages and binds them together with a cotton thread.

Each piece is uniquely structured, featuring rough edges and infinite charm. Here at Sheets on the Line, we think these beautiful creations make the perfect gift for loved ones or yourself!
For your thoughts…. Your dreams…. Your journeys….

Get your very own dream journal here.

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