Essential oils for sleep – which scents to pick and how to use them

Essential oils can help create a relaxing environment, perfect for calming your mind and falling asleep.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right essential oils for sleep, and how to use them effectively and safely.

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Which essential oils help with sleep?

Field of lavender.


Perhaps the most well-known sleep-promoting essential oil is Lavender

According to a study reported on by Healthline, using lavender essential oils can increase the amount of slow- and deep-wave sleep you have during the night, helping you to wake up feeling your most refreshed every morning. 

Rose bush.


Rose essential oil is known for calming the mind and body, promoting feelings of security, and its anti-fungal properties. Try a Rose Geranium blend before bedtime to assist in relieving feelings of stress and anxiety. 

A field of chamomile.


You’ve probably had your fair share of chamomile tea for an upset stomach, but did you know that the same properties that help to alleviate digestion issues also calm the nerves?

Apply this chamomile, lavender and nerolina roll-on blend 30 minutes before you go to sleep for sweet dreams. 

How to use essential oils for sleep?

First things first, always follow the golden rule and never ingest essential oils, or apply them directly to your skin without a carrier oil. 

Now that’s out of the way, here’s how you can best use essential oils to help you sleep better.

Always use a carrier oil when applying essential oils.

Apply essential oils with a carrier oil

Dilute your sleep-inducing essential oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil or grape seed oil. 

Be sure to perform a patch test before wide-spread application and always follow the guidelines for dilution percentages

Set the mood with essential oils in the bedroom.

Diffuse essential oils in the bedroom

Turn on your diffuser for 30-60 minutes while you wind down before bed. This is a nice time to catch up on reading or journaling, giving your mind and eyes a rest from harsh screens before bedtime. 

Drop essential oils into your bath.

Drop essential oils into your bath

Dilute in a carrier oil and then drop, drop, drop into the tub. 

Healthline and the Tisserand Institute recommend a dilution rate of 1-4%, with 5-20 drops of essential oil for a full-size bath.

Don’t stop there

Essential oils are just one part of creating a healthy sleep routine. 

To enhance your sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, make sure you’ve fitted your bed with cooling sheets and follow these extra tips for building a healthy sleep routine

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