Having trouble sleeping?

It's so important for us (and for the people who are around us) to get a good night's rest, this is when your body starts to revitalise itself mentally and physically. But sometimes drifting into a deep sleep isn't so simple. Luckily we may have some tricks hiding away in our linen cupboard for you.

Using ipads and phone before sleep
  1. No looking at cell phone/computer screens 1 hour before your preferred bed time. The light from our tablets prevent our brains from releasing melatonin therefore this makes it hard to snooze off. Instead opt for a nice little book read, or have a cup of tea and listen to that podcast you've been putting off.
Keep a regular bed time and wake up time
  1. Set your body clock. Go to sleep and wake up roughly at the same time everyday, yes even on your days off. This routine helps by getting your brain and body used to being on a healthy sleep-wake schedule.
the soothing sounds of nature
  1. Add some calming white noise to your room. Sometimes the sound of rain or a calm river can be just what your brain needs to switch off. If neither river nor rain is at hand... maybe try an app such as ‘Rain Rain Sleep Sounds’ or one of the many other sleep apps available to download.
Heathy bedding makes for better quality sleep
  1. Change the fabric that you sleep in. Yes, I saved the best for last!

It might not be you, it might be your sheets. Although cotton has wonderful aspects like how soft and absorbent it can be. It simply cannot be compared with the magic qualities that Linen has to offer. If you find yourself tossing and turning due to discomfort in temperature linen may have your name written all over it. It is known to help regulate your body temperature and help with blood circulation. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It's incredibly breathable and luxuriously soft to the touch. Not to mention linen is environmentally friendly and is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. As linen ages it becomes even softer and more luxurious than ever. Our gorgeous pure Belgian linen will truly last the test of time.

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