How To Care For Your Bedding

Although we provide care labels with all of our products, there are some further steps you can take at home to help maintain the premium quality and lifespan of your bedding.

What to avoid:
To maintain the quality of your bedding you will want to avoid using excess laundry detergent, any fabric softeners, harsh detergents, dryer sheets and any nasty cleaning chemicals. Also steer clear of using the machine dryer as the heat combined with the tumbling action compromises the quality and strength of any fibre, instead opt for line drying in the shade only. Line drying in the shade will ensure your bedding + the colours do not get damaged by the harsh UV rays from the sun.

Washing calendar:
Sheets, Pillowcases, and Quilt Covers should be washed roughly every 7-10 days, other bedding products that don’t have as much skin contact like throws, and decorative pillows should be cleaned roughly every 3 months.
Pillows and Doona Inserts should be washed roughly every 6 months.
Helpful tip: Wash your pillows and inserts at the beginning of each season to keep regular cleaning maintenance a breeze.

Washing + Drying:
Machine wash on gentle cycle with a natural plant-based detergent on 30 degrees or cooler.
If you have a top loader, add the detergent to the water prior to adding your bedding. This will ensure the detergent is being evenly distributed throughout the water. If you have nasty stains we recommend using bicarb soda or vinegar instead of bleaching agents or any other harsh chemicals.
To dry, we recommend line drying in the shade only as this is the most sustainable and promising way to ensure your lovely linens are being treated gently and not being subjected to unnecessary heat damage or Australia's harsh sun.

Storage + Spare Sets:
When it comes to storing away your seasonal bed linen or your spare sets always make sure they are placed somewhere that is kept dry & cool, has ventilation and is protected from any direct sunlight.
Spare sets are handy, we recommend having more than one set of sheets, pillow slips, and quilt covers per bed that you can rotate between as this will allow your bedding to have a break in between uses and can help prolong the lifespan of your favourite pieces. Frequent washing is one of the harshest things we can do to our bedding and will break down the fibres on even the most high-quality items. Our lovely bedding gives so much and asks so little of us, it’s important to give them a break here and there so you can continue to enjoy them for as long as possible.

Quick tips to walk away with:

  • Avoid excess detergents, nasty chemicals, and unnecessary heat damage from machine dryers and the sun.
  • Clean bedding is happy bedding, but only the most gentle forms of washing + drying should be used.
  • Frequent use is hard on our bedding so if you love something, give it a little holiday and store it in a safe place.

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