How To Choose The Right Pillow

It takes some time to find the perfect pillow, sometimes it’s even difficult to know where to start. When we step into a large department store, the task can feel a little overwhelming. Do I buy on price, material or brand? Usually we gravitate towards the brand that we are currently using. But what if we want a different level of comfort compared to what our current pillow is giving us? Ultimately pillow selection is a very personal choice as what one person finds ‘just right’, the next could find uncomfortable. So below we have compiled a little information, to help you make an informed decision for your own comfort requirements.

Synthetic or Natural? Microfibre? Or Feather?

Feather - the most expensive of the pillow fillings. Feather pillows will give a soft supple level of comfort. Luxurious to the touch these pillows rely on being ‘fluffed up’ periodically to keep the comfort and loft level. There are indeed different qualities or feather fill and we would always recommend a white duck or goose filling. See Sheets on the Line’s feather pillows.

Microfibre - has fantastic properties that suit most people's specific comfort needs. Low allergenic, microfibre is a great choice for anyone with allergies or respiratory issues. The loft is soft while supportive and will keep its shape and comfort level for long periods of use. Totally washable. See Sheets on the Line’s microfibre pillows.

What Height or Loft for your sleeping position?

Medium loft - for those that prefer a soft loft with slightly less height. If you sleep on your back, the pillow you choose must be able to induce a slight stretch on your neck in order to optimally support your neck’s progressive curve.

High Loft - for those who prefer something with more support and height. If you sleep on your side, the pillow must be high but soft enough to give your head a levelled position while keeping your neck straight in alignment with your spine. The pillow must not cause your neck to curve or tilt upwards or downwards. The pillow must allow your neck to rest at a level that keeps the vertebrae in your neck aligned with your spine.

Which size?

In Australia, we have two sizes for bed pillows.

Next time you are thinking about choosing a new pillow, consider the following:

  • Do you prefer sleeping on your back or your side?
  • Do you need special support?
  • Are you prone to allergies?
  • Do you have a King or Super King bed?

Once you have considered the above, you will be able to choose the pillow according to the following:

  • Pillow fill type
  • Pillow height and fill weight
  • Pillow softness/firmness
  • Temperature regulation of fill type
  • Washability

Sweet dreams...

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