How to: Entertain like a pro


Silly season is almost upon us, which can mean only one thing - houseguests. There’s not much that is more satisfying than being labelled host or hostess with the most-ess, so we’ve put together a few tips on how to make entertaining a breeze for both you and your visitors. 

In The Dining Room 

  1. Dinner parties are no fun if you’re the host who is urging everyone else to eat while running back and forth from the kitchen. Plan your courses so you can sit and enjoy with your guests.
  2. A dinner party is probably not the time to make something you’ve never tried before (it never works on My Kitchen Rules…), so go with tried and tested recipes that you love.
  3. Prep like a boss, have all your ingredients and tools at the ready.

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In The Guest Bedroom 

  1. Promote a great night’s sleep by creating an environment that is plush, dark and comfortable.
  2. Clear space - don’t clutter the room with your old clothes, the ironing board, your childhood collection of porcelain dolls…
  3. Share the wifi password and leave an extra iphone charger on the night stand - it’s the little touches that will make guests feel at home.

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