Invest in yourself 2020

There are a few things in life that are worth investing in whether it be your time, your energy and creativity, or your money. In the current global climate, believing in quality over quantity is proving to be very beneficial and spending more on things that will last and create memories and bring joy to your life are not only smart financial decisions but also contribute to your well-being. With the first month of 2020 coming to a close, I have compiled a list of things that bring me joy and improve my day to day life... and are totally worth the extra $$$!

HIBI 10 minute incense 

As we all know life gets busy and sometimes it feels like you are playing catch up all day. Many people already have their tried methods of winding down whether it is exercise, reading, meditation or listening to music, but if you are looking for something a bit special to supplement your routine or are in need of starting point, try HIBI, the Japanese 10-minute aroma matches. This is a product that has made a big difference with headspace, and how I start the day. Hibi works like any other kind of incense, yet it is designed to only last 10 minutes and doesn’t require a device to ignite the scent. You can simply strike the match and set it on the heat absorbent disc that it comes with. I feel the sentiment of taking 10 minutes for myself and my thoughts is particularly beneficial in the morning. This reflection has become a necessary part of my routine, and it helps take away the impending stress or self-doubt that I may have leading into the tasks ahead.



Healthy and clear skin is one of those things that everyone wants to just magically happen for them without necessarily putting in the research to find the right products or the work required to keep up a good skincare routine. Yet for me (and everyone else at SOTL) investing in your skin is so important to feel and look radiant and uplifted. I am currently using Biologi, and it seems to be a team favourite! The buzz around this line of skincare is loud! (if you haven’t already heard). This is the first company to make a product that is completely traceable from the extractions of the plants to the bottle! Sustainability at its finest with no harmful chemicals that you can’t pronounce or yucky additives. My favourites are the Bf hydrating body serum and Bd luminosity face serum. They get a bit of getting used to, but once your body has acclimated they work like a dream. And a quick tip, you can really use all of their products wherever, body or face! There are no rules with this stuff which is what I love. 

Pure Linen sheets 

If you keep up with our blog, you already know why you should invest in your linens. One good night’s sleep is great, but sleeping peacefully every night is priceless! Investing in our chemical-free linen means I sleep cool through the night, and I never feel as though the fabric is scratchy or discomforting. Linen is heralded as a textile that stands the test of time, and for the most part, this is true!... if you buy linens that are quality and care for them properly. If you want to know more about getting more from your linen, check out how to care for your bedding.


Oftentimes on the hierarchy of importance, art lingers at the bottom. I won’t get into the bureaucracy that perpetuates such a stigma, but I will say there is nothing more beneficial in my little world than being surrounded by inspiration. The important thing to remember is that not all art will break your bank! As the consumer, you have the power to put the value on the pieces that you love. Also, all art is priceless if you are creating it yourself for your space! I do want to highlight one of our lovely customers and my friend, Anna aka Sirmano who inspires me! A local Brisbane and illustrator, Anna works with an array of mediums and rich colours, and you can find her work on various brick walls in Brisbane! If you need a bit of colour in your life, check out her Instagram @sirmano! You won’t be disappointed; this lady is a Brisbane gem. 

Conscious fashion 

Avoiding mass-made fashion is so difficult! There is no way around it sometimes, and even the brands that you may love, who are designer or high-end still participate in their fair share of mass production. Yet for anyone, the young professional or accomplished mature person, building a wardrobe of conscious, slow fashion is not just a feel-good thing but also beneficial to your wallet! Investing in staple pieces that will age nicely, style-wise and in the longevity of the garment, is well worth it! The label we live at Sheets is Seaside Tones! Originally strictly a European label, this Polish design is now in Australia, and we are so thankful because high-quality linen that has been ethically made can be hard to find in the saturated linen market. My favourite piece is the shirt dress because I love a nice collar and an oversized look. Plus when it's as hot as it's been you don’t want a clingy, unbreathable fabric suffocating your body! You can check out our wardrobe here for more Seaside Tones! 

I hope you enjoyed the five things I have been choosing to spend a little extra $$$ on in 2020. Whether it's for your headspace, your home, or confidence, it's important to seek out the things that bring you happiness and joy! Comment below products or the activities you love that keeps you going! 

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