It’s all about the sleep we are getting

Its all about the sleep we are getting

But apparently it is a case of quality, rather than quantity.

High quality, uninterrupted sleep helps us to form long term memory, helps us understand what we have taken in and also helps boost alertness while improving emotional stability.

So How Much Is Enough?

Seven to eight hours is the ideal, but our sleep can be disturbed by many factors like, noise, partners, kids or even the family pets. But it is far better to have four to five hours of quality sleep rather than sleeping longer but poorly.

Tired people make more mistakes, find it harder to concentrate, moodier and are actually at risk of forming false memories.

So here are our top tips to help you get yourself some quality sleep.

  • Stick to a regular bedtime and getting up time is a must.
  • Give yourself  90 minutes to wind down. Take a hot bath, a relaxation and unplug from your technology.
  • Practise meditation.
  • No TV or Netflix binges in bed, opt for some light reading instead.
  • No Booze! While alcohol helps us relax and drop off to sleep, it’s been shown to disturb our sleep patterns during the night.
  • Lay off the caffeine as it competes with our naturally occurring brain chemicals that helps us to sleep.
  • Be active during the day. If you exercise regularly your sleep quality improves.
  • Create the perfect sleep environment by keeping your bedroom cool between 19-21 degrees, dark and quiet.
  • Choose good quality mattresses, pillows and quilts, they will help support you.
  • Choose only natural fibres in your bed linen such as cotton and linens as they will help your body breath throughout the night.

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