Keeping Your Organics Organic

Organic fabrics are definitely worth the investment. Everyone benefits from your sustainable textile purchase. The environment will thank you for the breath of fresh air you’ve given back, your body will not only love the luxurious softs fabrics against your skin but you won’t be absorbing any chemicals used in the manufacturing process and your back pocket will be grateful when your organic pieces stand the test of time. Win Win Win!

So; question… once you’ve decided to make the commitment to ditch the cheap and nasty fabrics for quality sustainable ones, how do you keep them as luscious and pure as the day you bought them? Before you start running to the ‘eco’ section of the laundry aisle, you may be disappointed to know (as we were!) that laundry detergent companies are not bound by any laws, so they do not have to disclose what is actually IN their detergents. Most detergents are full of ‘bulking agents’ which are just that, designed to add ‘bulk’ to the product. These agents don’t actually add any cleaning power whatsoever to the detergent. In fact, they are known to deteriorate fabrics as they are often made up of tiny pieces of plastic, cement and other fine granular particles, leaving behind toxic chemicals to be absorbed into your skin. What’s the solution then? The answer could not be more simple… crazy, but simple! 

Are you ready? It’s Organic Soapberries!

Soapberries are a fruit which grow on the ‘Sapindus Mukorossi’ tree in the Himalayas.
Stay with me here…
They are simply harvested and sun-dried, with absolutely nothing added to them. The inner shell has a 100% natural soap inside it (it’s the shiny inner lining) and it’s called ‘saponin’. Saponin is a surfactant, which means it has the ability to break the surface tension of the water in your machine and draw the dirt OUT and AWAY from your clothing fibres, leaving nothing behind in your fabrics at all. All you do is pop 5 whole berries in the small bag provided with your Soapberry purchase and chuck them in the machine with your clothes. This will do five loads of washing as effectively as any chemical detergent!

Do I still have you, or have you fallen off your seat? If you have, get back up because there is more…
Soapberries are 100% naturally antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic too, which means they’re perfect for people with skin conditions or sensitivities.
They just keep getting better and better don’t they?
Next time you have to re-stock your laundry detergent, think about what is really going INTO your washing. Are you getting the best out of your organic fabrics?
We recommend ‘That Red House Organic Soapberries’ as they are 100% waste-free and Certified Organic too.

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