LINEN best in class!

We have made our pure linen sheets with Belgium-flax linen since our inception, and many of you along with myself have brought these pieces into your home, filled your linen cupboards with them, shared them with your friends, and have spent countless hours sleeping, reading, (maybe enjoying a meal) in them. They remain a seminal design in our portfolio and embody a legacy that we are very proud of, yet awaiting in Guimarães, Portugal was an opportunity for change--and opportunity to craft a linen even more wonderfully sublime...and we just couldn’t pass it up! Whether you are one of our linen lovers or are looking to make the switch, continue reading for information on why our linen is best in its class. 

The design 

As a homage to our original linen sheets, our Cloudland features a generous, wide border, embellished on all sides of the flat sheet. Our signature border makes it easy to achieve a relaxed or pulled-back style during the warmer months and distinguishes our beautiful bedding from others. We have also continued with our deep fitted sheet design. In our book, a 50cm depth and a top/bottom label are absolute musts and an everyday luxury that everyone deserves. Whether you endure a not-so-attractive bed base at home or your mattress is deep (like most these days), our fitted sheet has got you covered, literally!  In regards to design, these are our best practices, yet it is the linen material and process that has allowed us to reimagine and refine your favourite! 

The textile

The soft linens we all know and love to wear year-round requires a delicate balance. It is not a simple task to make a sheet beautiful and soft but also durable and timeless. Linen lovers past and present would have experienced the desperation that closes in when your fitted sheet starts to wear. Longevity is a priority for everyone, so we worked to achieve this delicate balance. Our pioneering design features a thicker fitted sheet for longevity and a lighter, softer flat sheet and pillowcases for ultimate comfort and cool sleeping. Both pieces are prepared the same way, stone-washed for softness, yet our flat sheet is 150 grams per square meter versus the fitted sheet which weighs in at 195 grams per square meter. This sounds like a bunch of math, but the difference means more precious time with your linen. 

The ethos 

These exceptional and sought-after pieces are thoughtfully and ethically made in small batches to ensure the perfection of our linen makers’ craft. The exclusive nature, care, and discretion required to weave something so fine using no harmful substances (Certified OEKO-TEX 100% linen) while also abiding by high ethical production and working standards necessitates mindful production which has always been the frame of mind we love to work in. 

If you want the memorable experience of sleeping in our new Portuguese linen, follow this link! For the first time, we are selling these as separates for you to enjoy a bit of mixing and matching! Currently, our linen comes in our classic cloud-white shade but new colours are in the works so stay tuned lovely people! 

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