my beach essentials

Is anyone else starting to feel a bit gloomy with all of this rain coming down in Brisbane? Although I know we are all grateful for the rain as it has been long overdue, I have been dreaming of sunshine. In anticipation of brighter days, I wanted to let you in on my beach essentials--the products that I carry on all my trips up the coast! 

Beach bag + Turkish towel 

You simply can’t fault a matching beach bag and beach towel! Nor can I deny my love for a quality Turkish towel. After a couple of washes, our super cute and absorbent gingham towels dry like no other terry-cloth or unnatural synthetic fibres could. This organic cotton dries quickly too, so I never worry about having to chuck a damp towel in the car. If you are into sharing, these towels are a generous size, big enough for two to layout on and then some! Check out our shoreline range because these come in five beautiful colours. Have a bit of fun mix and matching or be consistent, both options leave you will an enjoyable beach experience! 

Babu Sunscreen 

My go-to sunscreen is Babu’s water-resistant sunscreen. This formula not only smells so divine, but it only contains natural ingredients and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, and I couldn’t think of anything worse when the sand doesn’t flutter off but sticks to you. You will also get up to 80 minutes of swimming before its time to reapply! Or if you are like me, 80 minutes of laying out until the sweat washes away the sunscreen. No matter what outdoor activities you love, you are golden (in the best kind of way) and safe using this amazing product! Claps for healthy skin!

Linen cover-up 

For me, the perfect beach cover-up is short, flowy, and breathable linen. And one of my staples that ticks all of the boxes is the Seaside Tones’ short linen dress. This is one of those feel-good buys that you will pick from your wardrobe again and again. Whether you wear it as your usual street-wear or for a day by the sea, the baltic linen and fit are so comfortable that I practically live in this piece. Plus, if you are familiar with this label, you would already know that the care for these garments couldn’t get any easier! I wash mine on cold, then let it hang dry, and it will remain as soft as ever. 

Kinto Travel Tumbler

Most water bottle companies claim to keep your water colder for longer, but unlike most water bottle companies, the Japanese company, Kinto has created an experience of stress-free drinking and comfort...that you can easily travel with while keeping your liquids cool. The body of the bottle is double stainless steel, allowing for a vacuum effect between layers. This keeps your hot water hot, and your cold water cold! The outside of the bottle is not only beautiful and streamline, but it also scratch-proof and ready to take on the beach!

These are the must-have beach essentials that I can’t live without--all simple, beautiful, but epically functional! If you have any tips for all of us beachgoers, leave them in the comments! 

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