Organic Cotton Versus Conventional Cotton

At Sheets on the Line, we get asked why organic...? Well, our answer to that is ... why not..?

But that is making a long story short, so below we have highlighted just some of the reasons to choose organic, but like everything, there are varying degrees of both organic and conventional standards and it’s best we tell you what standards we adhere to here at Sheets on the Line.

All of our organic cotton bed linen are GOTS certified (Global Organics Textile Standards). This is one of the most stringent standards that is recognised and accepted worldwide as a market leader in textiles. All fields, growers and factories have to meet strict criteria and are audited and certified.

Where we cannot source an organic product, we choose manufacturers that use "Best Practice" which includes reduced water consumption and low impact dyes. We are constantly working with our manufacturers to move towards replacing conventional cotton products with organic versions.

We believe in making lovely things that will truly last the test of time while treading lightly on our earth. In a marketplace where we all have so many options, we aim to be a trusted brand with consistency in style and remain authentic and true to our ethos.

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