Saving the planet one straw at a time

We love our likeminded friends and suppliers, aiming for the same bigger picture and ethos, Home + Harvest are no exception. This week we are sharing the essence of what makes them tick. Jaimi + Jasmine are friends and business partners with a common eco-driven goal and passion to reduce waste and plastic pollution. "At Home & Harvest, we believe in sustainable living and the power that individual actions can have on our planet. We strive to provide products that are long-lasting, use responsible materials and encourage a more waste-free life; creating a healthier earth and a healthier you".

Reusable Straws
In 2017 they embarked on making that difference by creating products that we use every day, Stainless Steel Reusable Straws and Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers. Every day, simple items that will have a huge impact on the reduction of plastic waste. In the US alone 5 million, yes 5 MILLION plastic straws on average, are used every single day. Along with the worldwide commercial initiative @thelaststrawus to ban plastic straws in all venues, pubs, clubs and cafes, all efforts are aimed at the same common and necessary goal, to make our planet healthy. Well done girls for taking the leap and making a difference! Reusable straws are available in both of our stores and online.
Buy here: Reusable Straws

Pack 8 reusable straws with 2 cleaning brushes


Buy here: Reusable Straws