Spring storage with a twist | Baskets, bags and beautiful storage solutions

Looking for a beautiful way to elevate your storage this spring? From elegant accents for your lounge room to statement pieces that will wow, integrating baskets into your interiors is an affordable to give your space a rustic edge. Which is why we've popped together our top tips for styling our new season baskets. 

Top Shelf Storage

Open faced shelves are a beautiful way to declutter your pace while still offering easy access to the items you use daily. However, if you’re looking for an ideal way to organise the chaos of your spare stationary, magazines or toiletries then you simply can’t go wrong with a row of matching baskets.  

Dream weaver

Looking for the perfect way to store your spare cushions and blankets? Scatter large, statement baskets about your space and top them up with a selection of plush furnishings for easy access. Harness the art of sprezzatura by allowing your throws to spill out of the basket, it will give your space a chic ‘undone’ feel to it.

Plant Baskets

Integrating potted plants into your home is the perfect way to soften your interiors, but if the idea of lugging a heavy ceramic pot back and forth between your bathroom and your bedroom leaves you feeling less than impressed try changing up your style by nestling the plant inside an elegantly woven basket instead. But be sure to protect your basket from any excess moisture by placing a plate or terracotta tray beneath the plant base.

Firewood Storage

Still have left-over firewood from the winter? Bring a rustic feel to your home and keep your firewood dry and ready for the next chilly season with a beautiful basket beside your hearth. Add an extra layer of functionality by using a basket with handles or wheels that can double as a chic transporter from your yard to your fireside.  

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