Storage ideas for a small bedroom

Living within a small bedroom can be a tad overwhelming. A mixture of too much stuff and no where to put it can drive us to despair!

Try out one of these storage solutions.

Storage baskets and benches

storage bags and bench at end of bed

Baskets or storage bags under the bed are a just the thing to keep the lesser used items. While still looking great, they are nice enough to look at all the time. If your bed doesn't have quite enough clearance for baskets, look for a drawer or something thinner from somewhere like Ikea to give a little practicality.

A bench at the foot of the bed creates plenty of space to stash things underneath. For things that don't stack neatly, you can slip a trunk underneath or even consider a trunk at the foot of the bed to stash things in (like spare bed linen from Sheets on the Line).

Never underestimate a shelf

Shelf storage above a bed

If you are lucky enough to have a walk in robe, mount one above the clothes rack rails and also a low one 30 cm or so off the ground and running the length of the wardrobe can be a great place to stash things that don't get used too often, without losing any floor real estate.

Even if you don’t have a walk in robe, a shelf running the length or width of the bedroom can bring a great aesthetic to enhance any room. As seen here with our Storm Pure Linen.

Mount small shelves next to the bed for a little extra storage, instead of bedside tables and wall mount bed side lamps.

Hanging room

Hanging clothes rack

If your closet is on the small side (or you don't have a closet at all), freestanding wardrobes can do the job handsomely. 

Hang a clothes bar from the ceiling using some knotted rope or straps of leather for a little extra storage and appeal.

Use hooks that you can buy from any hardware or garden centre to create storage for jewellery or scarves on the back of the door.


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