Storage Options For Your Little Green Friends

Keeping little green friends in your home is so satisfying and rewarding, and it’s the perfect way to soften your interiors, but if the idea of lugging a heavy ceramic pot back and forth between your bathroom and your bedroom leaves you feeling less than impressed try changing up your style by nestling the plant inside an elegantly made light-weight plant holder.

Our GOTS certified organic fold down bags are an easy, stylish and versatile option to use to hold a beautiful plant. With the top rolled down to suit your needs + available in Mariner Stripe Blue + Jetty Stripe Grey, we are sure you will find many uses for this little storage gem.

You can’t go wrong with the natural + timeless look of our gorgeous jute baskets. Elegantly woven, they are available in 3 different sizes + styles and are a natural + versatile option to hold a beautiful plant. Be sure to protect your basket from any excess moisture by placing a plate or terracotta tray beneath the plant base.

A stylish plant is a happy plant, so get ready to dress your little green friends in one of our natural plant storage options. Shop here for our full baskets, bags + storage range.

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