This Month's Mood | Herringbone


Adding colour to your space is a great way to revitalise a room and bring vibrancy to it's atmosphere, but if it's luxury that you're looking for, then what you need is texture. 

Known for it's distinctive, eye-catching patten, Herringbone is so named for it's striking resemblance to the intricate bones of a fish. This zigzagging design comprises parrallel line that arranged in an attractive pattern that leads the eye to your room's feature point. 

Always classic and understated, we have chosen this design as our feature products for this season's collection of homewares.   

Whether you're looking to make herringbone a feature point of your interiors or want to integrate it into your existing decor, you simply cannot beat the versatility of this print. 

If you're not sure how to incorporate herringbone into your space, then the perfect solution is to slowly introduce it into your decor with small, subtle accents.

Whether it's a luxurious table runner, an elegant apron or a beautifully draped tea-towel, giving your home a lift has never been so easy. 

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