Why We Love Church Farm

Church farm botanical soap
"The beautiful family from Church Farm feature in today's Like Minded story. Living and breathing in an adorable old church located in the picturesque northern river region of NSW, Amanda, Andrew and two young sons, Banjo + Percy have a holistic approach to their lives and their business: handmade, homegrown, made with love and happy vibes!
Church Farm botanical soaps
'We love plants, growing and drying herbs, making things from scratch, and I guess that is what our products are all about'. 'It all began one summer, we had heaps of cucumbers growing so we set up a roadside stall to get rid of a few. Around the same time I was making soap in the kitchen, and Andrew was roasting habaneros and tomatoes over coals to make various sauces, so we also put those in the roadside stall. From there we had a few notes from people stopping by wanting to stock our things in their stores and everything grew from there, quite organically. Pardon the pun!' Amanda says of the wheels turning on the business.

Church Farm botanical soaps
'We have 2 young boys so an average day involves lots of tag teaming (Andrew and I taking turns with the boys), packing lunches, packing orders for stores, doing local deliveries while trying to sneak in a swim/surf. Just trying to master this kid/business/life thing!' Being in-tune seems key with this busy little family 'If we are ever feeling uninspired its usually a sign we need a little break, so we throw the boys in the car and head down to the river for a sometimes overdue afternoon off' says Amanda.

Church Farm botanical soaps

The love, happiness and all the goodness is certainly evident in every bar of their gorgeous soap. The heavenly smell, the texture of the ingredients and the packaging speak volumes of wholesome organic goodness.
We love it all! Thanks guys for putting your soul into your beautiful goods!