Why We Love Leif

Initially a company that designed cosmetic packaging for others, Leif began life as a form study. A model of a fine necked bottle sat on the shelves of their studio and visitors would always comment, so eventually they began to think about filling it themselves. Leif celebrates the diverse flora of our land. Botanical extracts and essential oils combine in clean formulations that come packaged with a modern outlook. Here at Sheets on the Line, we love Leif and love what they are doing. Here are some of their beautiful products that we think your body will thank you for.


Kakadu Plum & Macadamia Nut Hand Balm
Intense hydration for all skin types - A super nourishing balm that combines extracts rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. The Kakadu plum extract is a superior antioxidant and considered the world’s highest known fruit source of Vitamin C. It improves the skin’s visual appearance and reduces the irritation of dry skin. The macadamia nut oil contains natural moisturising properties restoring suppleness in dry, stressed skin.


Lemon Myrtle, Sandalwood & Eucalyptus Body Cleanser and Body Balm
A trifecta of Australian natives combine to help bring vitality to your day - Lemon myrtle oil is wonderfully relaxing and uplifting. It has strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The sandalwood oil improves mental alertness, reduces stress and nervous tension. These natural moisturising properties work wonders to help dry skin while the eucalyptus oil revives, refreshes and purifies.

Desert Lime, Vanilla & Orange Body Cleanser & Body Balm
Essential oils of citrus combine with vanilla to warm and calm your body. Desert lime stimulates and revitalises due to its astringent and toning actions. Sweet orange and mandarin oil is calming and uplifting to promote restfulness. Vanilla has soothing characteristics, also known to contain polyphenols which exhibit antioxidant activity and serve as anti-inflammatory agents.

Wild Rosella & Alpine Pepper Body Cleanser & Body Balm
Wonderfully aromatic formulas that leave skin scented and hydrated. Wild rosella is a rich source of antioxidants to nourish and regenerate the skin while Alpine Pepper stimulates and boosts circulation. 


Blue Cypress & Lemon Scented Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner
Acts as a wake-up call for heads that need clearing. Helps repair damaged hair leaving it in great condition and freshly scented. Blue Cypress, which is harvested from the Northern Territory, is prized for its antibacterial qualities and its woody aroma delivers a perfect base note from which this scent is built. Lemon scented tea tree oil delivers powerful cleansing benefits and a beautifully fresh scent while eucalyptus radiata has a crisp, clean aroma that helps lift the senses.

A land whose natives have developed in isolation over millions of years was bound to create some diverse individuals, and it has.

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