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Why You Need A Little Green Friend In Your Bedroom!

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Forest Pure Linen

Did someone say green?
If there is one thing that is universally gorgeous all year round in your home it's the rich tones of our lovely leafy friends. Yes, I am talking about plants! These fantastic touches of nature don't have to work very hard to make your home feel fresh and beautiful, they naturally bring with them a year round feeling of joy to any room in your home.


While our leafy friends sit there and look beautiful they also clean our air and get rid of any nasty toxins that we may be breathing in. Not only do they purify our air but it's been proven that indoor plants have a positive improvement for your health and attentiveness. Yep thats right, plants can actually boost your healing process if you aren't in tip top shape and they help you work better by increasing productivity, creativity and memory retention. Say it with me "thank you plants!" If you still aren’t convinced that a plant can completely transform your space or be that perfect piece for that empty spot you’re struggling with or if you simply need something to lift you up. I highly recommend that you add some wonderful leafy friends this week to your home. If you look after them, they will look after you.

Plants are the perfect thing for a healthy bedroom

Sweet dreams...

picture 1. Pure Linen In Forest
picture 2. Pure Linen In Deep Sea + Jungle Linen Cover/Throw
icture 3. image credit to @littleandlush