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Touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing are the 5 great senses. Are you someone who has to touch anything and everything when you go into a shop that has lots of gorgeous linens or garments? you do this because we communicate with touch by feeling things. The touch sense ranks number 3 as the most developed sense out the 5. In order it goes vision, hearing, touch, smell and then taste.

So in saying all of that, It's becoming that time of the year again where you start dreaming of the beautiful sunny days filled with family and friends and of course lots and lots of yummy food.

Although that delicious food helps in making your table look edible (quite literally) a beautiful set of table linen can do wonders to the aesthetic and atmosphere of any occasion.  


Never underestimate a luxuriously soft tablecloth with beautiful napkins to accompany it. It's the little details that speak the loudest. and for most people if it's simply something that's luxuriously soft to the touch, It will boost their emotional mood and they are more likely to remember that moment as a happy time to look back on.

Here are a few tips to help you find your perfect table linen this year to make those memories extra special.

-What Materials should my table linen be made from?-

Because they are both a strong and very absorbent material, We recommend going for something made from a high quality vintage washed cotton, or a fine linen.  While they do require ironing, They are long-lasting and have the most luxurious feel and appearance.

-What is the difference between linen and cotton?-

Linen comes from the flax plant, which grows in the cooler climates of western and northern Europe. Generations before us have known and appreciated the qualities of linen. Which is why it is one of the oldest and most prized fabrics. It has properties that help repel dirt and stains. it is twice as strong as cotton and it's even environmentally friendly. Linen is a renewable resource and the flax crop requires no irrigation to grow and flourish. this beautiful fibre is known for its ability to become softer and more luxurious the more you use and wash it. It will really last the test of time.

Cotton is a Natural fibre that comes from the cotton plant, which grows in hot, humid climates throughout the world. it is highly absorbent and luxuriously soft to the touch. Because cotton is so versatile it is the most used fibre in the world. Cotton is a beautiful and timeless material that will add that subtle beauty to anything. You really can't go wrong.TABLE CLOTH IN SLATE GREY

-What size works best for your table?-

For formal settings, Tablecloths should hang down 30cm to 40cm around the table. More elaborate occasions may call for a drop of anywhere from 40cm to 75cm (all the way to the floor). The longer the drop, The more dramatic the effect. In contrast, More casual events call for cloths that have 15cm to 20cm drops.

To calculate the size of the tablecloth you need. Measure the length and width of your table and add twice the desired drop to each dimension. For example, If your table measures 90cm wide and 190cm long, and you would like a 30cm drop on each side, You would add 60cm to each dimension:

90cm + 60cm = 150cm wide  

190cm + 60cm = 250cm long

For round tables, Measure the diameter of your table and add twice the desired drop, following the example above.

-Colour and Contrast-

Long gone are the days when your only option was a stark white table cloth. But don't get me wrong, White is a classic and timeless look. it is the most popular colour for table linen and it is always appropriate for formal dining. Ivory and off-white colours are a popular second, especially in rooms with warmer tones. Beyond these, Colourful linens are one of the most effective ways to set the mood you want to create. It is a great way to highlight special elements in your tabletop collections or to add its own quiet drama to any room. You can go for the deep contrasts, For mood and ambience. From the subtle greys into the decadence of black, Even the oh so beautiful inky blues. Or lean more towards your vibrant colours, Or soft pastels that are complementary to the existing decor of your dining room or outdoor area.

Whether you go for a dramatic table setting to a more minimalist and neat look. You can't go wrong if you follow these 3 simple steps

  1. Go for something that's beautiful to feel. You will do yourself and your guests a favour by adding a luxuriously soft fabric vs a coarse, stiff sad material that no one wants to remember.
  1. You're better off going a little bigger then too small. You can't do much with a tablecloth that is too short but if you have excess fabric you can simply ruffle it a bit and drape it to add a bit of texture.  
  1. Choose colours to compliment the existing theme and decor in the area. Vibrant colours add a bit of spark, While soft colours evoke a more refined atmosphere.

Below you will find the link to our beautiful range of organic cotton table linen and napkins.

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