An innovative concept that we have developed is 'Quick Clip' quilt covers and 'Quick Clip' quilts which fasten together so you no-longer have to wrestle with uncooperative quilts and covers.

The Sheets on the Line Quilt Covers and Feather Down Quilts feature two corner clips which enable the quilt to easily attach to the inside of the cover. Once the top corners are fastened together, with a quick shake, the quilt cover can be turned right side out where the opening at the base can be easily buttoned up.

Developed to stop the quilt bunching up inside the cover, the 'Quick Clip' feature allows you to take your sheets straight from the line address your bed effortlessly every time. It's so simple; everyone in the family will be able to make their bed...

*Note; this system requires a Sheets on the Line quilt and Sheets on the Line quilt cover to be used together. If not in use, the Quick Clip components do not alter the comfort level or the functionality to the user.