First time before use: 
We recommend a one-time 24hr cold water soak prior to first use, hang to drip dry for best results, or put them in a spin cycle then into the dryer (on cool - warm) until 80% dry and finish on the line. The soaking process will help expand the cotton fibres ensuring a high absorbency. This can be done a second time for an even better result. 

Everyday Care and washing:
Gentle machine wash cold or warm with a natural, plant based laundry detergent, separate from items that may catch on loops or tassels. Avoid fabric softeners as they reduce absorbency. If desired, tumble dry on the lowest heat setting; do not overdo it as the heat from the dryer can damage the integrity of the cotton. If any cotton loops become snagged, do not pull on them. Simply cut off the excess strands with sharp scissors.
Wash on a warm gentle cycle (30 degrees).
You can tumble dry them on a low heat however it's best to line-dry them.
A one-time cold-water soak is recommended
Do not bleach

*Colour variations are a result of the dyeing process and are a part of this collections beauty. These variations are not considered faults.